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​Irish-born, London-based artist, researcher and author

Welcome to my website.  By whatever means and for whatever reason you have reached it, I hope you will enjoy reading the descriptions of my artistic endeavours and about my book, Front Door to the Past, as well as seeing the images of my paintings.

My interest as an artist is in strong colours and pattern, often influenced by textiles but also by landscape, sometimes using oils and tempera and at other times using water-colours.

As a researcher and author, I have worked for many years on social history and genealogy projects, with Front Door to the Past being my first book.

The purpose of is to allow a little to be made known about me and my work as an artist, researcher and author. I hope that people who like my paintings, who are interested in my book or would like to purchase one or the other or commission work will use the website to contact me about it.

Thanks for visiting.

Jenny Brown

Front Door to the Past

An exploration of the history and ownership of a single Victorian house and its surroundings in the South Tottenham and Stamford Hill areas of North London tracks through the centuries, uncovering a surprising web of people, places and events linked by their connection to the land.

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Front Door To The Past
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